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Pam shows off the huge stack of brambles ready for burning

March 6th 2011
Despite many weeks of on-off rain we've managed to keep visiting the site and keep clearing the field. Almost the whole length of the site had brambles along two sides of the border. Thanks to some generous support from local business with their specialised equipment,we managed to clear one side in about a day. We decided to take on the second side ourselves and it's taken quite a few weekends of work. This is a picture of the second heap we're going to burn when the weather and wind are favourable. Unfortunately, the ground is still too wet to rotivate, so we may have to wait another week and hope for a continued dry spell.

January 8th 2011

I'm delighted to let you know that a few members of the Allotment Committee, and helpers, went to start the process of clearing the land. Thankfully, the weather was bright and dry, although cold. We're making progress and will keep you updated with news as we go along.


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